Gather to hear personal stories first-hand from speakers about their own stories of survival and journeys as refugees in an intimate, interview-style presentation.

Learn about the path to becoming a volunteer with RefugeeConnect at one of our upcoming Volunteer Information Sessions. This is the first step toward becoming a volunteer for events, advocacy, mentoring, and other opportunities.

Mentoring is a tool we use for connection, reducing isolation, acculturation, and expanding networks. Individual mentors work with people on college and career goals. Family mentors are companions and walk beside a family unit as they explore their new community. Join a mentor training as the next step after a Volunteer Information Session.

The purpose of the 'Journey to--where?' simulation is to provide a unique and dynamic learning experience to capture a glimpse into what many refugees and migrants endure when fleeing their homes and finding themselves subsisting in a refugee camp. The 3-hour experience is designed to cultivate global awareness and compassion through the practice of empathy and perspective--in order for participants to better understand the refugee experience.