​RefugeeConnect leads this quarterly forum which provides a welcoming space for service providers to meet, share best practices, and create ways to better serve the refugees in our community. REI members work together to set priorities for each meeting. Any organization providing services to refugees in the Greater Cincinnati area is invited to join the conversation.

Civic Engagement is an important part of being an American. Refugees are eligible to become citizens after residing five years in the U.S. and taking a verbal and written citizenship exam. 

RefugeeConnect works in partnership with local organizations to support green card and citizenship filing.

A collaborative platform for recognizing local connections to global issues of persecuted people who now live in our region

  1. Giving voice to the stories of people who fled persecution (i.e. Self-representative groups and assisting them tell their story/needs)

  2. Amplifying the work being done in the greater community

  3. Connecting organization through collaborative, lifting-up, messaging, and framing the narrative around strengths and community 

RefugeeConnect facilitates collaboration and action to create what we wish existed. RefugeeConnect piloted a health navigator program in parntership with community organizations to show the impact of cultural orientation through health literacy and support to access resources has on health.

RefugeeConnect is one of the co-founders of the Cincinnati Regional Coalition Against Hate. The Cincinnati Regional Coalition Against Hate (CRCAH) is a nonpartisan alliance of organizations committed to being vigilant against hate activity by supporting impacted communities and fostering acceptance, compassion, and justice for all in the Cincinnati region.